Latest Updates

AASL Affiliates turn a new Chapter

The American Association of School Librarians (AASL) Affiliate Assembly voted to adopt the term Chapters for state and regional school library associations.  This reflects the recommendations made by SCOE in the Forward Together model. Please see full press release.

January Webinar

If you missed January’s Forward Together webinar, you can view it here.

Midwinter 2020 Presentation and Prompts

Those attending Midwinter can view the slideshow presentation that will be used at the discussion sessions.

Also we offer the following questions as a way to help focus a productive discussion.  SCOE would like to use the opportunity at Midwinter to discuss how we can continue moving forward together, what information and processes we want additional groups to gather and identify, and how your group will change over the next few years, tied to Forward Together or through your own identified strategic plans. 

  1. What changes have you seen within the organization (or your particular area of the organization) within the last year?
  2. What have you learned, or do you hope to learn from those changes?
  3. How do these changes or needs for change align with Forward Together?
  4. What are two or three strategies to create effective, lasting, and positive change in ALA? What are some tools we can use with these strategies?

ALA President Discusses Forward Together

In the 2020 January/February Issue of American Libraries, ALA President Wanda Kay Brown discussed Forward Together. Brown said, “Our aim is to encourage those who don’t feel they have a place in ALA to participate and flourish.” Please read the full column available on American Libraries Magazine.