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Working Group Charge: The Forward Together Working Group will lead Forward Together through a multi-step process, involving Council and resulting in a member vote upon approval and acceptance by Council. This group will also test and assess Forward Together recommendations, via surveys, straw polls, gathering email responses, or other appropriate means. 

Forward Together Working Group will not make any decisions regarding the Forward Together recommendations.  The role of the Working Group is to get feedback from Council and synthesize the feedback into a report.  

Purpose of the six information sessions: To give Council members information they need to make informed decisions about the elements of the Forward Together recommendations. Forward Together Committee members welcome and encourage discussion during the informational sessions, either by asking questions or using the chat box.  (See the TIMELINE section below for the full schedule of sessions.)

Format for the sessions: For each session, a subgroup of the Forward Together Work Group will prepare a slide deck which will be distributed in advance. During the session that team will provide an overview of the overall process, frame the topic of the day, present Pros and Cons of that topic, and then provide the opportunity for Councilors to ask questions about the topic.

Who is the audience for these sessions: Council members. Information will be shared with all ALA members through the microsite and ALA Connect.

Communicate with us via

When was feedback collected: Broad feedback from the ALA membership was collected over a two year period through surveys, town halls, focus groups and other means.

ALA GovernanceThe ALA Constitution lays out the basic structure for the Association, and the Bylaws describe how the Association actually functions.

Constitutional Convention Style Event: The amended Forward Together governance model will be presented for a final debate during a Constitutional Convention style event. ALA President Julius Jefferson will preside.  

  •  Further amendments may be added during this event. 
  • This event will include ALA Councilors and additional stakeholders within the association. 
  • The details and process for the Constitutional Convention and voting on the report are still being discussed.  
  • This is tentatively scheduled for 2021.
  • A final vote on the model at the conceptual level will be taken by ALA Council.

The report from the Forward Together Fiscal Analysis Working Group will be presented to Council.

Constitutional Convention: A Constitutional Convention should establish the principles and the precedents that will serve as the basis for the drafting of the new governing documents. Forward Together presents the prospective principles and precedents that would be debated at the convention.

How  members of the Forward Together Working Group were chosen: ALA President Wanda Brown (April 27, 2020) invited all ALA members to apply to be appointed to two new working groups,  Forward Together Working Group and Forward Together Fiscal Analysis Working Group. The ALA Executive Board selected the members from the application process.

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Timeline: Please see below and the Upcoming Events Tab (includes Zoom meeting links)

  • Session 1: Core Values 8/28/20 [Sara Dallas, Meg Delaney, Ben Hunter]
  • Session 2: Board of Directors: What is the number, composition, and election / appointment process of the Board of Directors? 9/11/20 [Camila Alire, Stephanie Chase, Christina Rodriques]
  • Session 3: ALA Committees: What is the number, composition, and election / appointment process of ALA Committees? 9/28/20 [Camila Alire, Lesliediana Jones, Christina Rodriques]
  • Session 4: Round Tables, 1 percent member threshold 10/9/20 [Ebony Henry, Lesliediana Jones, JJPonke]
  • Session 5: Multiple Round Table governing documents into a single governing document 11/6/20  [Stephanie Chase, Erika Linke, JJ Pionke]
  • Session 6: ? 11/20/20 [Meg Delaney, Ed Garcia, Ben Hunter]How will the work currently attributed to Council be accomplished in Forward Together?

Recommended Reading:

Microsite contains: https://forwardtogether.ala.org/index.php/reports/

  • SCOE’s final report with recommendations. Read this first! Forward Together Nov 2019
  • Council requests for information, timeline, and analysis of Constitution & Bylaws Committee ALA CD 42 Forward Together Final