Forward Together Working Group

Charge: The Forward Together Working Group will lead Forward Together through a multi-step process, involving Council and resulting in a member vote upon approval and acceptance by Council. This group will also test and assess Forward Together recommendations.

Steven Yates, Co-chair; University of Alabama SLIS

Camila Alire, Dean Emeritus at the University of New Mexico and Colorado State University

Sara Dallas, Southern Adirondack Library System

Ed Garcia, Cranston Public Library

Lesliediana Jones, The George Washington University Law School

Erika Linke, Carnegie Mellon University

Christina Rodrigues, OCLC

Joslyn Bowling Dixon, Co-chair; Newark Public Library

Stephanie Chase, Constructive Design

Meg Delaney, Toledo Lucas County Public Library

Eboni Henry, Truesdell Educational Campus, Washington DC

Ben Hunter, University of Idaho Library

JJ Pionke, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign