Additional Recommendations

The charge of SCOE was to focus on large, structural change of the association. While the primary focus of this report is on organizational effectiveness and governance there are a few recommendations that have no large structural home:

  • ALA’s governance structure and organizational effectiveness should be subject to regular, institutionalized review to make incremental change rather than rely upon a large reorganization as is recommended in Forward Together.
  • A robust virtual member orientation should be established and conducted by the Membership Office and Membership Committee to welcome new members into the whole organization, explain engagement opportunities, and provide a refresher for current members.
  • A clearinghouse of volunteers should be created. Volunteer forms should be accepted on an ongoing basis and solicited when new advisory groups and working groups are formed. The form should identify volunteer interests, skills, expertise, and passions and would be used by all facets of the organization to determine potential volunteers.
  • Upon acceptance and approval of Forward Together by ALA members, an Implementation Working Group should be established and appointed to identify timelines and tasks necessary to complete the work of the recommendations. Timelines provided in the recommendations of this report are subject to modification by the Implementation Working Group. The Committee anticipates implementation will take several years.