Feedback and comments can be shared through forwardtogether@ala.org

For decades, library leaders and members alike have recognized that the American Library Association needs to change. This has become more urgent as membership has declined due to reported feelings of disconnectedness and challenges for newer members to find their home within ALA.

The only way that a member-driven organization like ALA can successfully move forward is through a member-led process that relies on broad member input, develops recommendations to incorporate member ideas, and sets the stage for member action and change.

This website is the culmination of two years of deep engagement in the question: how can we evolve to meet the needs of members today and in the future?

Forward Together, the report of the Steering Committee on Organizational Effectiveness (SCOE), suggests one such response. We encourage you to explore, get in touch with questions, and check back often for updates as we journey together towards a stronger ALA.